Work Groups

Scope Definition and Front-end Loading Work Group:

Objective: This working group will assess the industry issues of Scope Definition and Project Planning by comparing two historical projects and doing an in-depth analysis on the effects of implementing with discipline the full processes recommended for project front-end planning.

Documents: PAAD WG Scope Definition – Final Report

Risk Management Work Group:

Objective: Establish and implement an effective risk management process for the oil/energy industry.

Scope: Excluding Fundamental Enterprise Risk, insurance and biding/contract risks. Including jobs over $50MM with project management, construction management under all contract types.

Members: John Singleton – Aecon, Cam Green – Canonbie, Ron Genereux – Suncor
Documents: PAAD WG Risk – Final Report

Collaboration Work Group:

Objective: Grow capacity in industry players to collaborate in order to improve project delivery performance

Scope: Excluding Joint-Ventures. Including long or short term industrial projects moving the industry from Adversarial relationships to Cooperation-Collaboration levels of relationships.

Targets/Critical Success Factors

  • Build Trust / Positive Relationships
    • Clear / Transparent expectations and communication plan
    • Mind-set: commitment and trust as a given
    • Early engagement, round-table format discussions
  • Contract Strategy supports collaboration
    • Must facilitate collaboration
    • Consider long-term relationship contracting
  • Work processes support collaboration
    • (new) Tender process facilitates collaboration
    • (new) Stage Gate process facilitates collaboration
    • Timing of involvement of players facilitates innovation/collaboration
  • Profit Sharing is involved in collaboration project
    • Transparency
    • Value added by all players is clearly defined
    • Include as much of the supply chain as is reasonable
  • *Project Performance factors show improvement (schedule, cost, quality)

Progress to date: One project completed bringing together owner and constructors to build a standard well pad design that the owner would use only instead of custom designing to fit certain resources. The final report is in progress. They conducted a Team Alignment session; 2 days with all parties involved to further define scope of work and how they will work together as a team. This work group also invested in a new contract model called NEC3 and developed a high-level comparison document of new contract models.

Documents: (in progress)

Skills and Competencies Work Group:

Objective: Grow capacity in industry players on managing employee competence to improve project delivery performance.

Scope: All persons of employment; workers up to management in any type of company but specifically tested in the oil/energy industry. The pilot phase 1 will test within Waiward’s employees, the Local 720 and 725 ironworkers unions on the Fort Hills project.

Targets/Critical Success Factors

  • Empower employees to build on their existing skill sets and provide the best value to the project
  • Build a standardized process/OPS Plan and infrastructure that can facilitate:
    • Assessing and tracking competency;
    • Assessing for gaps in training and performance;
    • Managing training and development;
    • Being able to produce and retain objective evidence of individual employee competence.
  • Build potential infrastructure for employees to take their competency profiles to other projects/companies, thereby saving time in resource management. In creating and establishing this infrastructure, the following challenges will be clearly addressed:
    • Address intellectual property/Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure issues between project participants;
    • Assess potential for legal template to facilitate sharing information;
    • Conduct talks for third-party location of digital/website competency database.

Progress to date: Completed demonstration project on new Modos software in collaboration with Ironworker unions and Waiward. Now they are moving into implementation projects at Supreme Group and Mammoet with their respective labour relations groups. Final reports have been completed by the Canada West Foundation. To learn more about Modos go to:

Documents and Articles: The Waiward-MODOS Story

Report on the pilot project by Canada West

*NEW* Construction Simulation Work Group:

Objective: Demonstrate and Implement the construction and turnaround simulation best practice.

Scope: 3D modelling and simulation of construction but also inventory, fabrication, erection and assembly processes.

Members: David Harmata – Teck Resources, Ron Heigh – Supreme Steel

Progress to date: Setting up work group charter and plans, first meetings in April 2017. Initial project with Teck resources may continue, the work group is looking for another pilot project to run simultaneously.

Documents and Articles: WG Team Charters 2017 – Construction Simulation