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If we want to improve, we need to work together: Here is the entire project delivery process, each area needs to improve and we can align efforts across multiple initiatives to achieve collaborative improvement:


PAAD is part of a larger group of initiatives coming together to improve Alberta:


We have joined together to create Alberta Projects Improvement Network which collects all the news and efforts from the energy construction industry.

On our PAAD website you can find all the tools and support needed to find and implement best practices in your company

PAAD Membership


(Voting Members, meetings are Quarterly)

  • Leaders of the Industry, implement change and set new standards
  • Sets PAAD priorities
  • Provide advice to PAAD operations
  • Be the main influencers that will lead the change
  • Membership is encouraged for a 3 year term
  • Founders group keeps a good representation of companies from all the areas of project delivery (Owners-EPC-Fab-Supply)
  • Initiates or participates in pilot projects


(Non-voting Members)

  • Leaders and Champions for change
  • Access to key outputs including research, reports, and metrics.
  • Participation in Working Groups and Innovation and Demonstration Projects

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