PAAD Vision:

The Alberta Energy Industry will be Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive and Internationally Competitive by 2020.

How to get there?

PAAD is a group of industry leaders that will facilitate industry improvement in Alberta on project delivery with a lead-by-example approach; demonstrating and implementing best practices using a large network with representation from all levels of the project delivery value chain.


PAAD was founded in 2014 by a group of industry professionals and their companies in order to start taking action on improving themselves and their energy industry partners. Over the course of a year they developed their mission and goals and how to start improving projects.
The core elements of PAAD are:

  1. Industry Coalition – Founder and Associate Members representing all parts of the industry to support Alberta Energy-related Projects; focused on Industrial Construction.
  2. Demonstration Projects – Trying a new best practice for the first time in a protected environment. These projects are often an existing project being worked on by a Founder member and applying a best practice.
  3. Implementation Projects – Taking the best practice and lessons learned during the demonstration project and implementing with consideration for work process and company culture.
  4. Collaboration/Network – Work together with similar initiatives to make sure our combined efforts are improving the industry. This includes finding and engaging marketing expertise and best practice development expertise.

PAAD established itself as a Clear-Dynamic-Virtual Organization; all roles filled by part-time/full-time staff and assigned delegates from the Founders and Associates. There is no physical office and work is done in numerous locations. Roles are assigned as-needed, temporary and strongly outcome-based.

Industry Benchmarking

How is our Industry Doing?

Benchmarking Projects:


COAA’s Safety Metric for Alberta Energy Industry: COAA Best Practices Conference 2016 they released their Safety and Productivity Metrics presentation.


Read COAA’s High Level Productivity Metric comparing Alberta and US projects:

COAA’s Alberta 2 Report: shows the following results

  • Project Cost Growth; Alberta Average 15.9%, USA Average 0.5%
  • Project Schedule Growth: Alberta Average 17.2%, USA Average 13.4%

Labour Demand Forecasts: